1. Does the four-weekend training cover both Part 1 and Part 2 of the basic EMDR training?

In a word, "Yes."

Actually, the EMDR International Association approved  basic training in EMDR provides more hours of lecture and practice with additional training exercises than in the historic "Part 1" and "Part 2" approach.

EMDRIA does not specifically recognize a Part 1, Part 2 (or Part 3) of basic training. These "parts" of training represent varieties of training models offered by different EMDRIA approved providers of basic training. EMDRIA sets minimum standards for amount of lecture (20 hours), practice (20 hours), and consultation (10 hours) and leaves it up to each provider to propose a training model and structure to meet EMDRIA standards. For example, EMDRIA approved University courses might meet once a week or twice a week for a semester. Some commercial EMDRIA approved basic trainings in EMDR are delivered in three weekends, some in two weekends.

Our basic training in EMDR is offered as a series of four two-day weekends scheduled over a 12-week period. With My program, there is no "Part 1" or "Part 2," just a complete basic training. You sign up for a complete training with a specific training schedule. 12-weeks after you start, you have completed basic training in EMDR and are using it regularly in your current clinical setting.

To see a quick overview of my training model visit the Visual Schedule page.

2. I am an intern who wants to register. Must my supervisor be EMDR trained?

3. I have a possible scheduling conflict for one or two of the eight days of basic training.

4. I took the EMDR training years ago, but have seldom used EMDR. Can I review the training?

5. Is consultation included in the basic training schedule and tuition?

6. Will I be Certified in EMDR when I complete the Basic Training in EMDR?

7. Most of my clients have complex co-occurring conditions. How can I learn EMDR with them?

8. I am a full time supervisor (or a researcher) without a current caseload. Am I eligible to enroll?