1. Does the four-weekend training cover both Part 1 and Part 2 of the basic EMDR training?

2. I am an intern who wants to register. Must my supervisor be EMDR trained?

3. I have a possible scheduling conflict for one or two of the eight days of basic training.

4. I took the EMDR training years ago, but have seldom used EMDR. Can I review the training?

5. Is consultation included in the basic training schedule and tuition?

6. Will I be Certified in EMDR when I complete the Basic Training in EMDR?

Completing an EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) approved Basic Training in EMDR is the first step. After completing basic training you are considered "trained in EMDR".

After completing the basic training, licensed mental health professionals are eligible for full clinical membership in EMDRIA. Interns are eligible for associate membership and can upgrade to full membership upon licensure.

Should you wish, after completing basic training you may pursue EMDRIA Certification. EMDRIA requirements to be recognized as EMDRIA Certified in EMDR are described in detail on EMDRIA's web site. Generally, you must:


Have at least two years experience in your field

Have conducted at least 50 EMDR sessions with at least 25 clients

Have received 20 hours of consultation by an Approved Consultant in EMDR (after completing Basic Training)

Have completed 12 hours of EMDRIA Credits (continuing education in EMDR)

Provide letter(s) of recommendation from one or more Approved


    Consultant(s) in EMDR, regarding your use of EMDR:


Provide two letters of recommendation

Verify that you agree to adhere to EMDRIA's Professional Code of Conduct.

7. Most of my clients have complex co-occurring conditions. How can I learn EMDR with them?

8. I am a full time supervisor (or a researcher) without a current caseload. Am I eligible to enroll?