Big Oak Psychotherapy Training Institute

EMDR Basic Training Overview

Big Oak institute was developed by Dr. Karen Alter-Reid to bring EMDRIA-approved trainings, integrative psychotherapy workshops and trauma training to clinicians in the Northeast and the Tri-State area. Big Oak also provides training to first responder organizations and local community mental health associations. 

EMDRIA-Approved Basic Training in EMDR (6-8 weeks)

Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D, an EMDRIA-approved Basic Trainer and EMDR Institute Regional Trainer, offers EMDRIA* Approved EMDR Basic Training and consultation for the integration of this highly effective approach into clinical practice. The curriculum utilized is the EMDR Institute's Basic EMDR Training.  For more in-depth information on the EMDR Institute's Regional Trainings,  visit their website:

This training program offers complete basic training in EMDR therapy through lecture, clinical case consultation and experiential practicum training.  It has been designed to spread learning and skills development consisting of two or three 2-3-day modules (Fridays and Saturdays/sometimes Thursdays or Sundays) across 2 months.  In addition to basic EMDR training, this training elaborates on topics including trauma brain, extended resourcing, attachment disorders, and dissociation, to better prepare therapists working with more dysregulated clients for trauma processing.

This comprehensive training format includes the required 10 hours of EMDRIA consultation for certificate of completion of Basic Training (this is in addition to the supervised practicums). Many other EMDRIA approved training programs require separate scheduling and payment for these consultation hours in addition to their basic training fee. 

* EMDRIA is the EMDR International Association that sets standards and accredits EMDR training programs.

Click here for EMDRIA requirements to be trained in EMDR.
40 CEU's will be awarded at the completion of the training.                                 

Download EMDR Basic Training Registration forms and information here

Feedback from Past Trainings:

"I am so thrilled I did this training. I learned so much, and both trainers made the environment so safe and comfortable."

                                                            -A.W., LCSW

"This training was phenomenal! It is bringing such hope for my clients."

                                                            -P.F., LCSW

"Excellent training, superb support and instruction. Both Karen and Lisa were exceptional in expertise, support, and helping me feel very comfortable with new material and case presentation."

                                                            -A.R., APRN

"I don't think my skeptical self would have "bought it" from any other trainer. You are a true gem in the field. I'm so happy to have met you and I hope our paths cross again soon."

                                                         - C.C., LCSW

"Karen was an excellent presenter; brilliant, talented, passionate, experienced and very knowledgeable.  It was a pleasure to learn from her"                                                      J.R., Ph.D.

"Using my hands to tap the knees of my defended, narcissistic real estate mogul?! Who ever heard of such a thing?! But it's working... and it's working at a pace that could actually, in the end, be lifesaving for this particular client."

                                                           -C.C., LCSW




What is it? Training in EMDR plus consultation. 

The training program is designed and structured to fully prepare you to integrate EMDR into your clinical practice. We offer a comprehensive training model that incorporates consultation in developmental increments over the course of the training.

Dr. Alter-Reid is committed to excellent        teaching standards

Dr. Alter-Reid is committed to excellent        teaching standards

TRAINING FACULTY:  Consultants and Facilitators for Big Oak Psychotherapy Training Institute

Lisa Salvi, Ph.D., LCSW is a licensed psychologist, licensed clinical social worker and  EMDRIA Approved Consultant. She maintains a private practice in White Plains, NY where she provides integrative treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

Hope Payson, LCSW, LADC is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,   Addictions Counselor, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and EMDRIA Specialty Presenter.  She specializes in the use of EMDR to address:  PTSD, complex trauma and chemical dependency.