Curriculum Overview

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This workshop will update participants on how EMDR is currently taught.  It will present the Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP) as the basis for EMDR as a comprehensive psychotherapy vs. a specific therapeutic technique.  

AIP-based case conceptualization and treatment planning will be reviewed.  The basic protocol will be reviewed to re-familiarize clinicians whose original training did not include an emphasis on the AIP model.

  • Case examples will be used to delineate simple vs. complex PTSD perspectives on EMDR preparation and targeting plans.  
  • Techniques, including cognitive interweaves, to aid in releasing blocked processing will be highlighted in the context of the window of tolerance, dual awareness and TICES principles.  
  • A variety of extended resourcing techniques will be taught and practiced for clients who are too dysregulated to begin trauma processing.  
  • Clinical choice points to use more restricted accessing  protocols will be reviewed.