1. Does the four-weekend training cover both Part 1 and Part 2 of the basic EMDR training?

2. I am an intern who wants to register. Must my supervisor be EMDR trained?

3. I have a possible scheduling conflict for one or two of the eight days of basic training.

4. I took the EMDR training years ago, but have seldom used EMDR. Can I review the training?

5. Is consultation included in the basic training schedule and tuition?

6. Will I be Certified in EMDR when I complete the Basic Training in EMDR?

7. Most of my clients have complex co-occurring conditions. How can I learn EMDR with them?

8. I am a full time supervisor (or a researcher) without a current caseload. Am I eligible to enroll?

You would need to have a minimum of two cases in your own caseload with whom you can practice the skills you are reviewing in the EMDR training. This applies equally to those in the reviewer's track as to those taking initial training in EMDR.

Please consider exploring opportunities you have to begin seeing clients so that you would be able to practice what you are learning during the training.

From the Training Requirements section on our web site:

Opportunities for clinical practice

This training is focused on the application of EMDR to the treatment of disorders related to trauma and neglect. Participants will be required to discuss their clinical experiences in applying what they learn over the course of the training program.

The goal is to ensure that all participants have sufficient education and clinical experience to begin applying EMDR over the course of the training and have access to a clinical setting where the use of EMDR would be appropriate and possible.

Clinicians with few opportunities to use EMDR in their clinical setting over the course of the training program will not derive much benefit from this training. With the small group format for practice exercises, such lack of practice might negatively impact the learning experience of others. Please consider this when you make application for this training. You should have at least two or more clinical cases available to you with whom you can apply EMDR during the course of this training.