1. Does the four-weekend training cover both Part 1 and Part 2 of the basic EMDR training?

2. I am an intern who wants to register. Must my supervisor be EMDR trained?

3. I have a possible scheduling conflict for one or two of the eight days of basic training.

The basic training in EMDR provided by Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D. Training is a sequential learning process that builds progressively on learning experiences over each of the eight days of training.

The program consists of more than 50% experiential learning activities through supervised group and partner practice exercises and group consultation sessions. It is not possible to miss one full day or a weekend and make it up via home study or private consultation.

Further, EMDRIA requirements state that participants must attend all training days and actively participate in all supervised practice exercises and group consultation sessions in order to receive a certificate of completion for this training. Similarly, CE granting organizations require participation and completion of all program activities to earn CEs. Neither CEs, nor documentation of program completion may be granted for partial attendance.

We recognize that holding our training over four two-day weekends may pose scheduling challenges for some. However, we believe that the progressive and incremental model of training provided by Karen Alter-Reid, Ph.D. Training provides a superior program of professional development.

So, you should only plan to register if you can commit to attending all training days and participating fully. For further details please read the Registration Instructions & Checklist and the Participant Agreement on the Registration Forms page.

4. I took the EMDR training years ago, but have seldom used EMDR. Can I review the training?

5. Is consultation included in the basic training schedule and tuition?

6. Will I be Certified in EMDR when I complete the Basic Training in EMDR?

7. Most of my clients have complex co-occurring conditions. How can I learn EMDR with them?

8. I am a full time supervisor (or a researcher) without a current caseload. Am I eligible to enroll?